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Defy Double-Crossing Detroit Property Management Companies

Chris Garner - Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Picture this: An investor, usually unsuspecting, and very much vulnerable, seeks out the help of certain Detroit property management company for assistance. The said company then asks the investor to pay a large amount of money - about a few thousand dollars, to create an awesome portfolio. Part of the fee will also cover the operating expenses for his Detroit property management. Hoping that his property will be rented out in the next months, the investor believes that he has gotten a fair deal.

A few months after the transaction, the property is still vacant, and the Detroit property management company staff seems to be inaccessible. And the story goes on, with the investor waiting for the tenants that will never seem to come, while still shelling out dollars to paying vacancy fees, because he was made to believe that this is the standard procedure of most Detroit property management firms.

The truth is - it is NOT! The investor must not let himself be double-crossed by Detroit property management companies. In the set-up mentioned above, the only one who earns money is the company itself, and bestows no regard for their clients at all. Detroit property management firms should be sensitive to their clients' needs, just like what Garner Properties and Management Co. does. Unlike other Detroit property management companies, they do not require expensive fees and will never charge anything for vacancy. All they provide is Detroit property management service at its best.