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Detroit metro property management-benefits of joining the RPOA

Chris Garner - Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Whether you own or manage a single rental residential property or multiple ones; your Detroit metro property management can benefit greatly with a membership of the RPOA. The Rental Property Owners Association of Detroit area was founded in 1968 for helping property managers get valuable technical and legal guidance. Additionally this organization was formed to help rental owners provide a united front to legislatures, city councils etc.

The goal of this wonderful organization is to:

  • Create a conducive business environment for efficient real estate management
  • Help promote a positive image about this industry
  • encourage professionalism among members
  • Help provide members with opportunities for continuous growth and development.
  • provide a platform for learning and education so members can sharpen their skills and thus increase their profits

In several cases, rental real estate owners or property managers may need legal advice and the RPOA stands by them by providing knowledgeable attorneys. Free-of-charge phone consultations as well as discounted in-person services can help one receive much needed help on time.

RPOA also helps perform credit and background checks on tenants for a small fee. Members of the RPOA can also share history of 'bad' tenants and evictions etc through free online reports.

Furthermore, the organization publishes monthly newsletters that can help one receive latest rental news, advice, tips etc.