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Detroit Property Management : How to Reduce Clogged Pipes

Chris Garner - Wednesday, April 18, 2018

As you are most likely already aware, the holiday season is here. Your Detroit property managers/firmsare also aware of this and are ramping up their efforts to help you prevent unexpected maintenance issues during this busy time of year. If you've ever hosted a holiday dinner or event at your place, then you've probably experienced a last minute emergency of some kind. For some reason, this is the time of year when something always seems to go wrong. One of the most common problems Detroit residential property management gets the most calls about are clogged pipes.

It's only natural for Detroit residential management to get calls regarding this because of all the holiday cooking that goes on from late November through the first of January. While it is the responsibility of your Detroit property managers/firms to fix the problem when it occurs, it is your duty as a tenant to do everything possible to prevent it. The tips below will help you keep your home's drains free and clear this season.

  • Use the Garbage Disposal Wisely - Many people make the mistake of thinking that the garbage disposal is a catch all for food waste that they don't want to throw away. This is not true, just ask your Detroit residential property management professionals! Only put foods down the garbage disposal that can be broken down easily. Avoid things like chicken skins, potato peelings and fruit skins.

  • Only Flush Toilet Paper - Another problem issue most Detroit property management providers face is clogged toilets. Very rarely is the problem too much toilet paper being flushed. Instead, the problem is generally caused by people flushing Q-tips, cotton balls, feminine pads/wipes, facial pads and other non-flushable items down the stool. To avoid this problem, just flush toilet paper ONLY.

  • Dispose of Cooking Oils Outside - If you've listened to many medical providers, then you've heard about how bad cholesterol can be for our arteries. If not, it clogs them and causes heart attacks. Well, the same is true for rinsing cooking oils down the drain. The oils build up and cause sinks to clog up, which is why most Detroit residential management providers advise their tenants not to do this. When you drain grease off, put it in a small container and take it outside to dispose of it.