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Property management Detroit and pet friendly apartments

Chris Garner - Wednesday, April 18, 2018

It is true that, today, most property management Detroit companies are becoming increasingly more tolerant towards having pets in the apartment communities. The reason for this trend is that owners are also becoming more conscious and treating pets as a part of their families. Additionally, most owners are taking very good care of their pets, and seeing to it that their neighbors are not bothered by their animals.

Naturally all property managers and owners must set some guidelines and rules for allowing pets:

  1. There should be restrictions on the type of breeds or the weight of pets allowed.

  2. There must be limits on the pet deposits; this is especially necessary when the pets cause damage in the property, furniture etc.

  3. Specific portions of the property must be set aside for dog owners; all owners must be responsible for removing their pet- waste.

  4. Pet owners must also be aware that continual barking/noise will not be tolerated. Renters must be made aware of the repercussions as nothing is more irritating to neighbors than this kind of disturbance.

  5. Most pet owners are honest about the type of pet they would actually be getting in the property, while filling out their rental applications. In some cases, there are owners who may actually try to pass off a large German shepherd instead of a small puppy. So, managers and owners must actually see the pet before finalizing the move in.