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Property management Detroit MI allowing bike friendly homes

Chris Garner - Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Why are property management Detroit MI companies allowing bike friendly apartments? The reason is that apartment hunters are specifically asking for such homes since the "green" office worker wants to commute daily to work using his/her bike.

As a result; property management companies have no alternative but to provide secure storage areas for the resident's bikes. In fact; many renters are also deciding to live without a car completely. Most homeowners can do whatever they want with their bikes: they can build a storage shed, or place the bike in a locked garage. Many even opt to build extra shelves to store their bike accessories like helmets, cycling shoes, spare tires, tools and other biking gear. Renters who do not own a home, need not worry: an increasing number of apartment communities are trying to determine ways and means of meeting the needs of these bikers.

Many apartment complexes in Detroit are having vestibules which have numerous bike racks. All these complexes are typically located on the bike commuter routes. This is one way of going green for these complexes. Apart from offering biker friendly homes, many of these eco-friendly apartment complexes are also having solar thermal panels and photovoltaic cells to heat water. These methods all make the place more energy efficient.