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Property Management Metro Detroit Gets Results

Chris Garner - Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Many real estate investors understand the importance of professional property management Metro Detroit. If you don't have these services, then it's likely your rental properties aren't making the amount of money they could be. If this is the case, then you are basically turning down hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars in profits every month! Obviously, as a real estate investor, you need to make the most money possible every month. Therefore, if you don't have property management Metro Detroit, then it's time you get some!

There are many local firms that provide property management Metro Detroit, however not all Metro Detroit property management companies are the same. Not only will you find that many firms offer a variety of different services, but these firms charge differently for them as well. If you are looking for a high-quality Metro Detroit property management company that provides excellent services at reasonable rates, then you need to come to Garner Properties & Management Co.

Garner Properties & Management Co. has been providing investors with exceptional property management in Metro Detroit and its surrounding areas for more than 50 years. Experience like ours is very hard to find today in firms such as ours. When you come to us, you'll be astonished at the level of professionalism you find in our Metro Detroit property managers. These professionals will be able to assist you with the following:

  • Marketing and Advertising - You will be surprised at how much money our property managers in Metro Detroit can save you just with our marketing and advertising strategies!

  • Rent Collection - It can be a hassle for investors to personally collect rent from tenants. We make it easy as tenants can pay through our online tenant portal. After the tenant pays, your profits are immediately e-deposited into your account.

  • Tenant Communication - We make it easy for tenants to communicate with us. Through our tenant portal, tenants can easily submit work orders when something is wrong with their rental. This makes it fast and easy for them, and you can login to your portal 24/7 to quickly review and approve work orders, which also saves you time!

  • Legal Services - Additionally, our property managers Metro Detroit, through the help of our contracted attorney, will help you with any legal matters that may arise with your rental properties. This also saves you time and money!

To learn more about Garner Properties & Management Co. and the services we provide, please contact us today. We can't wait to help you get the results you want!