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Property management Michigan: handling tenant-landlord complaints

Chris Garner - Wednesday, April 18, 2018

If you are concerned with property management Michigan you probably know that the biggest nightmare is managing tenant complaints. Naturally, bad tenants must be weeded out in the first place through effective screening procedures. However, a few nasty ones still slip through the cracks and you are left to deal with them. In many other cases, landlords end up buying properties with already-existing tenants. Thankfully there are some effective ways of working around these issues.

  • For occasional late payments, send mail reminders to the renter. If nothing comes through, call him up and pursue him to pay.

  • It is best to deal strictly with habitual offenders. A late fee is very effective in having the tenants pay up on time.

  • A system should be in place to ensure that the renter does not get a chance to make these mistakes. Offer an easy system of online payments, or better still, send him a reminder few days before the rent is due.

  • If the tenant has not paid for months, and you have done everything there is that needs to be done, then you will need to initiate the evictions process. However there are state laws regarding how you can proceed in this matter. A written notice asking the tenant to quit must be sent to the tenant before you can change the locks on the property.

These are a few means of handling tenant-landlord disputes.