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Tips for Windsor Property Management Companies on Inspections

Chris Garner - Wednesday, April 18, 2018

One of the most common tasks among most Windsor property management companies is providing regular property inspections on a routine basis. Some investment property owners don't really care if their Windsor property managers conduct inspections or not. However, the informed owners do care. Not only do they care, but they expect this service to be done at least twice a year.

This is because smart investors know that not every tenant is going to take care of the property in the manner outlined in the lease agreement. And, when a tenant doesn't take care of the rental as it should be taken care of the only way to catch it is by having routine inspections. When tenants are found to be damaging the property and violating the lease agreement, Windsor property management companies need to get them out of the rental as soon as possible. Investors don't like to see their investments damaged because it costs them money.

Therefore, property managers in Windsor should make sure they conduct routine inspections every six months, at a minimum. This can be a time consuming thing to do as you probably have many properties that you manage. However, the tips below should help you considerably.

  1. Look at Your Schedule...and a Map. Pull out your calendar and review your schedule (about a month in advance). When you have a few available dates in mind, get out your map and find several rental properties that are within a close proximity of one another and schedule these inspections all on the same day. When professionals working at Windsor property management companies do this, they find inspection days go much quicker as they aren't traveling all over the countryside performing them.

  2. Give the Tenants Notice. About a week or two before the inspection, you need to contact the tenants in the properties you will be inspecting and give them notice. Also, let them know if you plan on taking any pictures that day and what your property expectations are.

  3. Share Results with Owners. Finally, after you've conducted the inspections, you need to share the results with the owners. Even if everything comes back great, good property managers Windsor understand the importance of communicating with their clients. Clients want to know how their properties are being maintained by tell them!