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Wayne County Property Management & Legality of Pet Policies

Chris Garner - Wednesday, April 18, 2018

One of the things all owners of rental properties have to decide as they approach the topic of Wayne County property management is whether or not they are going to allow their tenants to have pets or not. If you have just purchased, or are thinking about purchasing, a rental property, you will need to think this issue through and decide if you will allow pets or not. If you decide to allow pets in your rental properties, make sure you or your property managers in Wayne County have specific rules for pet owners in your rental agreement.

For instance, you may want to collect a non-refundable pet deposit so you will be able to have the carpet cleaned when the renter moves out. You may also want to set limitations on the type of pets that are allowed in your rentals. Some owners choose only to deal with fish, birds and cats while others don't mind the extra Wayne County property management that comes with dogs and other pets. The choice is yours and you are within your legal rights to set whatever pet policy you wish for your rentals.

While you can outline the most optimal pet policy for your rental units, there are a couple of issues that you may have to make exceptions for. If you have a tenant who moves in to your rental and agrees to your "no-pet" policy but later requests for you to let her get a dog for medical purposes, you may have to make an exception. Now, your Wayne County property manager shouldn't just take her word for it, but if the tenant has proof of a medical condition and a doctor has agreed that she needs a dog for medical reasons, by law you cannot refuse her.

While there haven't been any widely spread cases of landlords providing their own Wayne County property management regarding this issue, there have been several around the country. In one case, a landlord refused to let his tenant get a medical pet for her daughter which resulted in them having to leave. The court ruled in favor of the tenant because it was for a medical purpose. Another thing your property manager Wayne County should be aware of is if a medical pet is approved for one of your tenants by a doctor, you cannot charge them extra money in rent each month.